Friday, 7 August 2015

Why I'm Worried About the Pretty Little Liars Finale

Like many of you, I've been eagerly waiting for Wednesday to come around every week for a brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, in the hope that at least one answer will be revealed. Now we have 1 episode left before the mid-season break and I'm still as clueless as ever. Seriously, 6 seasons of suspense and built up questions, it seems pretty impossible for the writers to cram 10 million answers into a one hour episode. 

Although I do have slight faith in Marlene King's judgment, I am worried about the Pretty Little Liars finale and if it's going to impress us as much as we hope. I can't deal with any Gossip Girl nonsense, where it doesn't make sense at all that that specific person had been doing all these things since the beginning. I'm not fooling for any half arsed answers! I'm also not fooling for any, "put the clues together and you may come up with what happened on that night". I want it to be completely clear what was going on the night Ali disappeared. And also, what happened to Jake after he kicked those knives and was never spoke of again?

So will we be disappointed who A is revealed as? Probably. I'm sure not everyone will be completely happy with whoever it is. I will be happy as long as it's not an irrelevant or new character (please not Wren or Rhys or Cece). I would much prefer it to be someone like Toby or Aria, who we have constantly had our eye on for the whole show. Or even if they have been apart of the "A Team" for the majority of it. It's clear from Ali's reaction in last weeks episode Charles is somebody that she knows and is shocked by. For me, this definitely rules out of the spoilers of it being Wren, does Ali even know who Wren is? 

I have spent so much time reading endless theories on Tumblr, and my mind is literally PLL'd out. I am ready for the answers. Who do you think Charles, Red Coat or Black Widow is?

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