Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bread Ahead: Doughnuts to Die For

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It was only a few weeks ago that I was introduced to Bread Ahead. My friend and I were thinking about making our own doughnuts and he showed me Justin Gellatly, the head baker at Bread Ahead. We spent the next hour researching and watching videos of him on YouTube making these delicious looking doughnuts. We could only imagine how good they tasted and we knew that anything that we would make would not even come close. 

Fast forward a few weeks and I was walking through Westfield, Stratford and noticed Bread Ahead. I never knew they had a bakery in Westfields and after spending so much time researching Justin and his doughnuts, I was over the moon that I could finally try them. 

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I picked up 2 raspberry jam doughnuts and 2 salted caramel ones. Unfortunately, the salted caramel doughnuts didn't make it into the photographs as we basically ate them straight away (we were obviously too excited). 

What makes them different to other doughnuts I have eaten, is that each doughnut is filled to the brim with filling. Because of this, one is satisfying enough, but you'll end up eating more anyway just because they are so nice. The salted caramel was so creamy and fresh, as well as the raspberry jam tasting freshly homemade, and nothing like the jam you would get in supermarket doughnuts. You can literally taste the fruit in it. 

You really do need to try these doughnuts if you are in London. They have stalls in Spitalfields, Kings Cross and Westfields in Stratford. They also do breads and other types of pastries. I really need to go back and try more of their doughnuts, I saw online that they do a honeycomb one that I have to try. Have you ever tried anything from Bread Ahead?  

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