Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Babble | What I Did For My Birthday

sunday update, sunday babble, student blogger, 21st birthday
I'm 21! 

These past weeks have been crazy busy. From a relaxing day with family to a 5 day trip in Amsterdam, I've had the best birthday ever. 

It's strange, but as much as I love birthdays (especially other peoples), through out my teens I never really did much. Maybe had a few friends over or went to the cinema, but nothing too major. I kind of thought this year would be the same, even though it was my 21st and there is pressure to do something that you'll remember forever. I just didn't think anything I would come up with would be special enough to fill that "21st birthday role", or that anyone would be that bothered (sad as it sounds).   

But I am so glad that I was wrong. The birthday celebrations started with my Mum coming to visit me at University. She surprised me with my Nan and Grandad, who are pretty much my fav people ever (I spoke a little bit about them in this post about childhood memories). It was nice to show them around the city I have been living in for 3 years, and go for a pub lunch. 

21st birthday, birthday rabbits, chocolate rabbits
When I got back home from lunch, I was greeted by my housemates locking me out of my kitchen. After a 10 minute wait, they let me in to a kitchen filled with Poundland and Aldi decor! I loved it. I didn't expect them to make an effort, but it was so nice that they did. It was so cute, and we spent the rest of the night getting drunk and stumbling around town. 

Of course my actual birthday was spent in bed feeling like death. My housemate and I laid in bed for the whole day watching Friends, listening to Glenn Campbell (yep, that happened...) and eating take away. There really isn't a better way to spend the day, is there? haha. 

sunday update, sunday babble, student blogger, 21st birthday, harry potter studios
The next day was spent at Harry Potter Studios! I went a few years ago, but I've always wanted to go again. There's just so much there to take in, so it was nice to go around the tour again. Have any of you been? If you haven't and you love Harry Potter, it's a must! I'm going to do a full blog post about it with all my photos, so more on that later... 

sunday update, sunday babble, student blogger, 21st birthday, amsterdam
After a couple of days rest, I was off to Amsterdam! It was such a beautiful city, with delicious food and just an all round great atmosphere. I went for 5 days, which meant I had plenty of time to explore. Even though it's only an hour from London, it has definitely given me the travel bug to see more of the cities around Europe. I'm going to be doing a full post on my trip to Amsterdam, so watch out for that! 

So that was my 21st Birthday! Pretty awesome wasn't it! I really didn't expect to do so much for my birthday, so I'm so thankful for my friends, family and boyfriend for making an effort. I really needed it, and now I feel so marshmellowy inside (this never happens!) :) 

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