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My Thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother 2015

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
So who's admitting they watched Big Brother this year? 

I am guilty and have been completely hooked. And by hooked, I mean obsessed. I read the tweets, watch the videos, even catch up on Bit On The Side. I don't even find Rylan annoying anymore. Yep, probably good it's the final Friday. 

It's weird. I haven't watched the show since it moved to channel 5, but as soon as I heard Perez Hilton and Michelle Visage had entered the iconic house, I had to watch. I'm pretty sure the last Big Brother I really watched was when "he who can't be named" (cough, Sam Pepper) went in. Oh and the Celebrity Big Brother with Dane Bowers and Basshunter. 

This season has made me remember why I loved watching the show so much before. I think the first one I really got into (and remember watching) was Big Brother 3 with Jade Goody. There was also a guy with the same last name as me in there (Alex Sibley) and for some reason I thought that made me famous. Anyway, this series has made me fall back in love with the concept of Big Brother. 

It's addicting, manipulating and emotionally draining. But I've been loving it. I've wanted to do a post on this for a while now, so here are my thoughts on all the housemates and my predictions for Friday. Eeeep *geeking out* 

My Thoughts on the Housemates 
cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
Was he even in the house? All jokes a side, I wish he didn't get kicked out because I would of liked to hear more about Lindsey Lohan. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
Oooh him, the sexist, racist and homophobic old man who everybody has already forgotten about. Seriously, why was he even in the house?

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
I'm sure she's a great girl but I didn't really like her in the house. Remember when her and Cami-Li were last to be saved so she had a diva fit and shouted at Patsy. Like come on, it's the Big Brother house, not Year 9 P.E. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015 Alexander
All he did was disappoint to be honest. I love his music so I was hoping for someone fun and someone who would actually bring something to the game. But nope. Plus he was acting so weird for his last few days (probably Perez' fault), but still... weird. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
She really didn't deserve all that bullying from Kate Hopkins and her troops. Alicia was sweet, funny and just a generally nice person. That wouldn't have got her to the final, but Keith and Calum are in there so you know. In my opinion she was definitely one of the most genuine people in there, and she really deserved more respect. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
#PrayForPatsy. She was so sweet and funny, but she really couldn't handle it in there. I really wanted to see more of her but to be honest, if I was in there I would have given up trying to speak too. Just watching it it felt like the Hunger Games. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
Sorry Perez, but I was so glad Nadia left the house that week. From day 1 I couldn't handle her meddling in everyone else's arguments. The only times I really liked her was when she would stand up to Katie Hopkins. Other than that... bore... 
cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
All that attitude though, seriously. I'm glad she toned it down towards the end but I still didn't like her that much. Everyone treated her like a baby, and then had to remind themselves she's almost 30. When she was making gagging noises at Perez whenever he walked into a room. Seriously? He's more entertaining that you. GURL BYE. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
How did he last that long?! It's kind of shows that if you play friends with Katie Hopkins, none of her troops with nominate you. He barely spoke! Plus, that night with Keith was that saddest thing I had ever seen. Also, I swear he had some kind of love/hate relationship with Perez, where he had a soft spot for him but was in denial. It could have been beautiful. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
This may be a bit bias because I'm Team Perez 4ever, butt... I understand he would be annoying to live with. But still... I don't think anyone deserves to be singled out or constantly nagged at to create an argument (yes, you Katie Hopkins). Even though a lot of the drama was centered around him, I do think a lot of it was Katie Hopkins' handy work. I reckon a lot of the other housemates will realise that as they start to talk to people outside of the house. Poor Perez. 

My Predictions for the Final 

First out... 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
Katie Price
I would love her to do better, but I think she'll be the first to go on Friday. Mainly just because of the people she is up against. Having Katie on Big Brother was great to see how normal and down-to-earth she is. She kind of been the voice of the public, as whilst all the other housemates are having temper tantrums, she's just sat back and rolling her eyes. She's made it to the final, so I think that's as far as it will go for Katie. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
Katie Hopkins
There's a good chance she'll end up winning this thing (please don't let that happen), but I kind of feel she might be second out. The public have started to see her nasty and manipulative ways this week, so I really hope she gets the boot. Her game plan was obviously to start the show off quite nice, make a good set of "friends" who she can turn against the people she wants voted out, and then when she knows she's made it past nominations, start being a nasty bitch again. What do you think? 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
He's a nice guy, but does he deserve to win? He's kind of creeped through the show with his head down, and how he's magically at the final. He really hasn't done anything that has wowed me at all. I have barely anything to say about him in this post as it is. His mum deserves to win for choosing that quote more than Calum does. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015 Michelle
I love Michelle on drag race, and I have been rooting for her this whole time. But... she was kind of disappointing? I was hoping to see a more fun and feisty Michelle, rather than Hopkin's sidekick. She would hate to be called that, but that's how it felt when watching her. Even so, she's an awesome women and I would love to see her come second or even first. She needs to beat Hopkins. 

cbb, celebrity big brother 2015
He really could win it! Wallflowers have won in the past, and I would love to see Katie's face if he beats her. After having Kav swear at him, Katie's arguing, and having to clean up after everyone, I think he deserves it. GO KEITH.  

So tomorrow night we'll see if my predictions are anywhere close to how it plays out. Have you enjoyed this years Big Brother? Plus, let me know your predictions for the final in the comments :) 

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