Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Babble | Pies & Mockingjay Part 1

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Let's all just look at this pie I had the other night.

So when I write these Sunday posts, I get to look back on my week and remember what I've been doing. This week all I can think about is this pie and how I'm ready to go and get another one. So lame, but seriously, I am the worst cook and my meals consist of something out of a packet. (I'm pretty sure I've spoken about my food situation in a previous Sunday Babble). So my housemate and I found a pub near us that does Pieminister pies. Best, decision, ever. I'm a vegetarian, and I always find that there is never a vegetarian pie option on the menu. This one was called the Christingle pie, and it is filled with honey roasted parsnips, cheese and chestnuts. IT WAS SO GOOD. God, I love food. 

On a different note, have you seen Mockingjay Part 1 yet? I went to see it at the beginning of the week and left the cinema is shock and excited for the next one. I haven't read the books, as although I like the films I'm not fangirling over it, like surprisingly my housemate. He is obsessed. I definitely think Mockingjay Part 1 was my favourite so far. It was completely different to the past 2, I found the story more exciting and it wasn't as structured and easy to guess what was going to happen. Maybe because it is a 'part 1' so there is more to come, but I found the past 2 kind of easy to see where the film was going due to them being set in the games. I can always tell how good the movie is by how stressed I feel afterwards (weird I know), but especially in the cinema, I can get too involved in the story and the characters. This film really did make me feel tense and (so I think) was the reason why I had a diva fit in Tesco because I couldn't find soup right after I watched it. What did you think? 

What have you been doing this week? 

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