Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Babble | Feeling Festive & University

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Cor, I've been quiet on the blog this week. I say that like I haven't noticed but in reality I'm like "ugh, I'm a failure" everyday. But I guess we shouldn't be so harsh on ourselves. Hopefully you didn't notice and you've had an awesome week. 

This week I've been feeling even more festive while I get my shopping done and resist the temptation to eat the rest of my advent calendar. I know for a fact I'll eat it before we get even close to the 25th. At least I have holiday spirit I guess? How is your Christmas shopping going? I'm almost done (thank god) and then onto the wrapping. One of my favourite things about Christmas (actually, scrap that) my FAVOURITE thing about Christmas is wrapping presents. I'm not very good, but at least I get a kick out of it. 

I haven't got long until I'll be traveling back to Essex to start celebrating Christmas with my family and boyfriend. So, I've been making the most of this time at home doing some uni work. So I think the next few days will be me sitting at my laptop drowning in books. What else is new? Whoever said media degrees were easy was seriously disturbed. 

Short one from me this week, but I haven't done anything overly excited unfortunately. What have you been up to? Getting excited for Christmas? 

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