Monday, 24 November 2014

Sunday Babble | A Weekend at Home

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I should really call this post Monday Babble, because it's definitely not Sunday anymore. I spent the weekend at home and thought getting my Sunday post up would be no hassle at all on my iPad. How wrong I was. Sorting out a post on an iPad was a nightmare and soon gave up. If any of you use an iPad to blog, I'm extremely impressed and please tell me how you manage. 

I spent the weekend back in Essex as it was my sister and Grandad's birthdays. It's so weird going back home. It's kind of like University is in a different universe, and then when you get back it's like you have to face reality again. It's so strange. Either way, it was nice to spend a couple of days in a warm house and have 'real' dinners that didn't come from a packet. 

The first day I was back we went to lunch at Tiptree Jam factory. I had never been before despite living close to it my (almost) entire life. We started with sandwiches and tea, and then moved on to scones and their signature jam. It was delicious! It was such a treat coming from a life of frozen meals to having fresh sandwiches and scones on the plate in front of you. Yum! 

The good food didn't end there. As it was my Grandad and sister's birthdays, we all went out for a family meal together. It was so nice to see everyone, as normally we don't have a big get-together until Christmas, which is a such a shame but everyone has their own things going on. We had the meal at my Aunties restaurant, which is always really nice.  

This post has basically been all about food. I guess that is one of the benefits of going home. I really do live off the worst diet at University, but not everyone can be a pro chef can they? Why spend money on fancy food when you can get a cheap pizza and spend the rest on clothes? :) 

Have you been up to anything exciting this week? 

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