Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Babble | Christmas & Gone Girl

I miss talking. Writing endlessly about my daily musings during Blogtober was fun, and now it's over I kind of miss it. Introducing... Sunday Babble. Yes, I know, I know, every Sunday our Bloglovin feeds are full of these kind of posts, but they have slowly become my favourites. I can raise my hand and admit that a year ago (maybe even half a year ago) long chatty posts where not my thing, but right now... I love reading about the on-goings of my favourite bloggers. One of my must-reads, who I suggest you follow, is Robyn. I love reading her posts and her illustrations are the cutest.  

Is it too early to drop the 'C' bomb? As soon as Halloween was over with, it seemed that Christmas had swooped in and taken over. It's ridiculous how quickly it has all come around and filled our stores with Santa jumpers and festive foods. Even though I'm half complaining, I've already brought a Christmas cardigan and taken full advantage of the seasonal drinks at Costa. Gingerbread latte, how I have missed you. 

On another note, I went to see Gone Girl this week. Has anybody seen it? What did you think? Although I hadn't read the book, I had heard a few people talk about it and saw the trailer, but either way, it was still not what I expected. It was crazy but definitely a must see. It was directed by David Fincher who also did Fightclub so you know it's going to be good. I was also really impressed with Ben Affleck. It was such an unusual film, and I'm still thinking about it 4 days later so it must have been good. What did you think? 

So how has your week been, done anything exciting? 

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