Sunday, 2 November 2014

#Blogtober14 Round Up

So Blogtober ended the other day and I decided to compile all my posts into an easy to find list. This way if you fancy reading any of them you can find them all here. 

Day 1-4: the one where I went to see Goldie Lookin Chain 
Day 5: the one with my Autumn bucket list 
Day 6: the advice I would give to new bloggers 
Day 7: the one where I went to see Nevermind the Buzzcocks 
Day 8: a letter to myself in 10 years 
Day 9: the one where I watched Pulp Fiction for the very first time 
Day 10: I never thought blogging would... 
Day 11: the one where I pretend I'm the Prime Minister 
Day 12: the one when I got ill 
Day 13: the one with my favourite blogger recipes
Day 14: the one where I talk about childhood memories 
Day 15: the one with all the movie quotes 
Day 16: the Autumn style inspiration 
Day 17: the one with the 10 things I excel in 
Day 18: the one with all the secrets 
Day 19: 5 things that bring me happiness 
Day 20: the one where I got drunk and watched Charlies Angels 
Day 21: my dream holiday destinations 
Day 22 : the one where I where I talk about things that annoy me 
Day 23: Instagram apps and blogging tools
Day 24: the one where I confess my love of Mascaras 
Day 25: the one with my favourite book
Day 26: the actors I would cast as me in a movie 
Day 27: a letter to my younger self 
Day 28: the one with the superstitions 
Day 29: the one where I talk about my third year uni struggles 
Day 30: the one where I got up super early and actually did something 
Day 31: the halloween costume reveal! 

So there you have all my Blogtober posts in one place. I've really enjoyed writing every day, and I think I'm going to do a 'Sunday Catch Up' sorter post from now on just to document what I've been up to. I think it would be really cool to look back on my last year of uni and see what my life was like at the time. 

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