Friday, 28 November 2014

5 Tips for Christmas Shopping on a Budget

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As much as I love Christmas, it seems to sneak up on me every year without warning. When December hits and I check my bank account, it is always less than satisfactory. We can all dream about buying luxury gifts for our friends and families, but sometimes that doesn't seem possible. As I have become quite the expert in tracking down a bargain, I'm going to share with you 5 top tips for saving money at the most expensive time of the year. 

Get real, set budgets 
It's probably the most disappointing feeling when you realise you don't have as much money to spent as you hoped. But you don't want to spend money you haven't got. Plan out who you need to buy for, and work out how much money you can spend on each person. 

Do your research
Once you've found the perfect gift for your friend or relative, one does not simply buy it... see if you can find it cheaper in a different shop or website. I find Google shopping the best for this, as you can search the item you want and it will bring up all the places you can buy it complete with links and the price. 

Look out for sales 
All shops and websites tend to have sale items, even at Christmas there is always some sort of deal going on. The sale sections are always worth having a quick look. You never know, you may find that something on your list has been lowered in price. 

Codes, codes, codes 
Discount codes are always worth your time. From 20% off to free delivery, they cut down the price you would have had to pay, making Christmas on a tight budget a little easier. Websites like VoucherCloud and Unidays (if you're a student) are great and have discounts codes for tons of brands, and are always being updated. 

Secret Santa?
Why not suggest it to your friends? This way you will only have to buy for 1 person rather than everyone in your friend group. This will make it much cheaper, and allow you to spend more time deciding on the perfect gift for your one secret santa. 

There you have my top tips for Christmas shopping on a budget. I hope it has given you a few tips for saving money during the holidays. If you have any money saving tips that I haven't mentioned, leave them in the comments so we can all read them! 

Happy Christmas shopping! 


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