Friday, 10 October 2014

Blogtober | I Never Thought Blogging Would...

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Blogtober day 10!

What I've been up to
My day started as lazy as ever with a much needing lay in. Last night I went out to the pub with some of my uni friends, and by the time I got back I was so tired. I got out of bed around the 2:00pm mark, and made my way to Costa for a quick lunch. I loooove their paninis. Anyway, not going to bore you about my lazy day, on with the post... 

I never thought blogging would... 
Just under 2 years ago I finally took the plunge and started this blog. When I look back now, I had no idea what kind of opportunities would come my way, or if I would even last a month. Blogging has taught me so much, and whenever I lack motivation or feel like a failure, I know blogging isn’t something I should give up on.

Blogging has helped me with my personal life and my degree in ways I never thought it would. First of all, I say my personal life because before I started blogging I didn’t have any hobbies. If I wasn’t doing coursework for College, I was doing nothing in particular, and that really started to bug me. As a creative mind, not doing anything productive started to get me down. Even more so when I knew in a few years I would be finishing University with barely any “experience.” I thought creating a blog would be an awesome way to share what I can actually do, and give me some space on the internet to talk about things that interest me.  

Little did I know, blogging wouldn’t just be a place for me to share my nonsense, it would actually teach me new skills and help with my degree. I gained more knowledge on HTML, SEO, and photography and even improved my writing skills. I study Media and Communications, and all these tricks of the trade have helped me with my assignments. Without the skills I’ve gained from my blog, I’m pretty sure I would have never been accepted for the SEO work experience placement I did over the summer.

Because of this little space on the internet, I’ve been lucky enough to meet the loveliest of bloggers and get to take part in some really cool events. Never in my life did I think I would one day be invited to ASOS HQ. Let alone twice. That was probably one of the coolest things to date, as I got to meet some great people and even have a tour of the offices and walk the famous catwalk.

I’m so pleased that I’ve kept this blog going for nearly 2 years, and the excitement of reading the comments never gets old. I’m over the moon that anyone would take time to come over to my blog and have a little snoop. So thank you!  

If you have a blog, I would love to hear what opportunities your blog has given you that you never thought would happen. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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