Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blogtober | Sharing Secrets

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It's blogtober day 18! Hope you're having a great Saturday! 

What I've been up to
Today I've been carrying on from yesterday and getting some photos ready for ze blog. I'm actually being productive and getting stuff done for once, wahoo! The photo above is from earlier when I was getting some shots done. I look like a frickin YouTuber! As much as I think about starting, I don't think I could ever handle YouTube. I would get one horrible comment, delete my account and cry for days. 

On a different note, I finally have a working phone! I want to give a big shout out to Vodafone for being so shit. I've been trying to get them to unlock my phone since Blogtober day 8, and it has only just been sorted out (that's 11 days just to unlock a phone!) But nevertheless, I now have a swanky iPhone 5c to use YAY! 

Sharing secrets
Today prompt is sharing a secret about myself. I've been thinking all day for something I could tell you. But truth be told, I don't actually have any of my own that are worth telling. But I'll share with you some "interesting" facts you may not now about me...

I can't swim
Weird, I know. But I never learnt. We use to have swimming lessons at primary school and I hated it when the swimming assistant (normally one of my friend's mums) would lift me to try to get me to swim. Hated it. So I never learnt. 

The most nostalgic person you'll ever meat 
I love reminiscing. If that's speaking to an old friend or listening to a song that takes me back to a certain point in my life. 

and I have the biggest fear of knifes and needles
Since a young age I've always been scared of sharp objects. The worst was in school when people use to put needles through their skin in Textiles, the worst! 

That one was definitely the toughest blogtober I've had so far. But I tried my best! Do you have any secrets or weird facts about yourself? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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