Monday, 20 October 2014

Blogtober | Messy Sundays, Poor Decisions & Fears

blogtober 20, fears
Blogtober day 20! Hope your Monday wasn't too bad!

What I've been up to 
I don't want to brag but Monday's are easy for me. No uni and I can spend the day doing whatever I please. Being in my third year, I know this isn't going to last long. This year is my picnic until the real world kicks in. 

Today however, was a right off. (I wonder how many times I've said 'today was a right off' in these posts). Stupidly, I decided at 10 o'clock last night that I wanted to go out drinking. Being a Sunday, the pubs shut at 11 so I made it my mission to drink as much as possible within the hour, then head back to carry on drinking at home whilst watching Charlie's Angels (nowhere near as good of a film as I remember it being). To say it nicely, I spent the early hours of the morning on the bathroom floor with my housemate feeding me bread. 

We live and we learn, or we don't... 

My Biggest Fears 
I mentioned in blogtober 18 that I have a huge fear of knives and needles. It's always one of those things where if you tell somebody your fears, they will use them against you. So many times at school people have pierced needles through their skin just to get a reaction out of me. Even now, at University my housemates decide to wave knives in front of my face. Not cool guys! 

Anyway, that leads me on to my other biggest fear... frogs. I am literally terrified of them. Well anything that is gross, slimy and can jump higher than my head. Kind of an exaggeration (kind of). So my Mum definitely knew I had this weird phobia when I was a child, but that didn't stop her digging a pond and getting a load of frogs from her friend's pond. Thanks Mum! I ran all the way home and locked all the doors and closed all the windows and cried. Mentally scarred for life. 

Do you have any weird phobias? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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