Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blogtober | Letter To My 30 Year Old Self

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Happy Blogtober day 8! If you missed yesterdays post, you can read all about my Nevermind the Buzzcocks trip here

What I've been up to
My day started with a 11 o'clock lecture. It sounds fine but when you didn't get in before 2am the night before, it's sucks. Especially when it's about your dissertation and you haven't even decided on a subject area yet. 

The rest of the day was mostly running errands. I mentioned in Blogtober day 5, I brought a second hand iPhone 5c. Annoyingly it's locked so I've had to spend the day trying to get Vodafone to sort it out and unlock it. Of course, it's still not sorted. So I have a lovely new yellow iPhone 5c which I can't even use yet. Great. 

I know it's been kind of a moany one today, but it's not all bad. I had a nap earlier, and now while I write this, my boyfriend is making me dinner. Not too bad, ey?

A letter to myself in 10 years 

Dear (30 year old) Lauren,

Thirty seems like a long time off while I'm writing this letter. I'm sure it sneaked up on you quick. I hope you made something on your 20's. Finished University with a 2:1 or higher. Got a decent job in the Media. Making enough money to live off without having to worry. Have you traveled? Do you have wrinkles? Grey hair? Are you still writing on this blog?

It's weird to think, but I probably don't appreciate being 20 as much as I probably miss it now. How are you coping without the University lifestyle? I wonder if at 30, I actually feel like a grown up.

It's going to be strange reading this in 10 years. If the internet hasn't exploded.

Love, your younger self.

Helene in Between Blogtober

What would you like to tell yourself in 10 years?

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