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Blogtober | Instagram Apps & Blogging Tools

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Blogtober day 23! (I know it's a day late... but I have reasons...)

What I've been up to 
It's all comes down to getting up at 2:00pm. Why did it even happen! I am known for a good lay in but that is just ridiculous. 

Basically, as our flat is so tiny, if one of my housemates goes on a night out, we all get woken up. It doesn't help that my room is so close to the front door. So many times I have had a mini heart attack when somebody knocks on the door and I'm half asleep. So my housemates stumbled in around 3am, meaning I didn't get to sleep until 4ish. Great. But we are definitely even now, after last night. Definitely hanging this morning. 

So today I'm thinking of going for a haircut! Feeling very nervy yet excited. I normally get my cousin (who's a hairdresser) to do it, as it's super cheap. Plus, as she's cut it so many times I know exactly how it will look. But as I'm a uni I've got to go to a "real" salon and that scares me! 

Instagram and Blogging tools
A few months ago I wrote a post talking about the Instagram editing apps I use on a regular basis. Today's prompt is all about the different apps and tools I use for Instagram and my blog so I thought I would give you a quick run down of the ones that are worth your time. 

Instagram Apps
Afterlight: It has loads of different filters, lens flares and light leaks. It includes your basic adjustments (and some more advance ones) as well as different shapes you can put your photos in. You can even make borders and white space so your photos fit perfectly on instagram, without needing another app. 

VSCOcam: A great one to start off with. Includes 10 different preset filters and your basic and advance adjustments. Great for getting your photos looking high quality. 

Dropbox: I use this one for Instagram and my blog. It allows you to drop files in to it and retrieve them from different devices. For example, I have it set up on my phone, ipad and computer, so I can move files to the desired device if I need to Instagram it or include it in a blog post. 

Blog Tools
Pixlr: It's basically an online version of Photoshop. Everything you can do on Photoshop, you can pretty much do on Pixlr. Plus, it's no cost and no download. You can access it everywhere and all you need to do is open you images into it and get editing. 

Jasc Paint Shop Pro: An oldie here! Paint Shop Pro is pretty much a basic version of Photoshop or Fireworks. I got the disk off my Dad over 10 years ago when I wanted to edit my MySpace photos (awks). But since I have it, I use it for re-sizing images or adding text. It's worth having something downloaded to your computer to do quick changes. 

Photobucket: It allows you to host your photos on their website so you don't need to use the Blogger (or Wordpress) image upload. I find uploading images straight to Blogger a bit annoying and fiddly. Instead I use Photobucket and place the url in the HTML. 

There you have my list of blog and Instagram must haves! I hope they have given you a few ideas if you want to try out something new. If you are looking for a more in depth look at the different filters I use for Instagram, you can check out this post which talks about it a bit more. 

Are there any apps or tools you use regularly that I haven't mentioned?  

Helene in Between Blogtober

Are you up to date on my Blogtober posts? If you missed yesterday's, you can read about my pet peeves here. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a cute iPhone case! 

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