Saturday, 11 October 2014

Blogtober | If I Was Prime Minister & Cute Cats

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Blogtober Day 11!

What I've been up to
My to-do list has been never ending today. It's now 8pm and I've only got a few of them crossed off. I would say there isn't enough hours in the day, but that's my own fault for getting up at 12:00pm. If I want to get everything done I definitely need to set an alarm tonight. I have so much to do in terms of blogging, university work and some side projects I agreed to help my family with.

I started my day at Vodafone, of course. STILL trying to sort out my new phone. You would think getting a phone unlocked would be easy, but apparently not. That was about 1 in the afternoon, and ever since I've been sitting at my desk trying to get through all the little tasks on my to-do list. 

The best part of my day was hanging out with this cutest cat ever. She lays outside my flat everyday, so whenever I go out I get to see her. I'm 99% sure she is pregnant, as she's so massive around the middle. If anyone knows how you can tell if a cat is having babies, let me know!  

If I was Prime Minister 
Clearly there is no way I could ever be the prime minister. I can’t even look after myself let alone a whole country. But if this was some sort of alternate reality, and I was told I needed to take David Cameron’s place, there are definitely a few things I would do…

1. Cut prices at Cinemas 
Seriously, no way is £7 a reasonable fee for watching a film.  

2. Free Wi-Fi
Everywhere and for as long as possible. 

3. Free fruit 
It's too expensive to be healthy. It would be much easier if fruit was free. 

4. Bring back EMA 
A little bit of extra money was so useful when I was at College, it should definitely be brought back. 

5. More bank holidays
Atleast 2 a month. 

6. Post on Sundays
If Hogwarts can send out letters on Sundays, so should Royal Mail. 

7. Public transport is free for all
Nobody wants to go on public transport, so at least make it free so it's worth our time. 

8. Longer weekends 
2 days is not long enough to do anything fun. 

9. Pubs have longer opening hours
I'm not ready to finish drinking at midnight on a weekday. 

10. Creme eggs not just for Easter
Creme eggs are for life. 

So there are my 10 policies I would change if I was Prime Minister. Would you vote for me? Haha! 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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