Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blogtober | Dissertations & My Pet Peeves

blogtober, day 22
Blogtober day 22!

What I've been up to 
So yesterday I mentioned I was off to a pub quiz. It was a pretty great night. I'm not normally good at quizzes, but this one had 3 categories: music, film and TV. So I had a pretty good chance at answering some of the questions. (I owned the music round). After being so sure we were going to come in the top 5, we ended up 9th out of 11! But we got so many questions right! I still don't understand how we ended up near enough last! 

Today was one of those days where I felt like I'd done loads but when I look back I actually haven't done much at all. I had this little library session this morning, which was pretty much a load of us in a classroom confused that we are learning about how to use the library resources in our third year. Bit late huh? 

The rest of the day has been spent researching for my dissertation and trying to decide on a specific area to do it on. I'm thinking viral videos and YouTube communities, but I'm not entirely set on anything. Which means the rest of my night will be me in bed reading journals. If any of you have any ideas feel free to share some knowledge...

My Pet Peeves 
I've been quite excited to write this post because, oh my do certain things really grind me down. Writing them here in a post really does make you feel much better about people and life in general. So here we go... 

Public display of affection
Yes, I understand you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who you love and find attractive, but you don't need to shove it in my face. Especially when I'm trying to walk past or eat or get on with my life. A few weeks ago I was trying to eat my burger in wetherspoons and some couple were making out in front of me in their little booth for over an hour! Seriously. 

"My bad!" 
I really don't know why, but that saying really is a pet peeve. I've just always hated that saying. I've probably offended a lot of you, (as so many of my friends use it) but it makes me cringe so much. I'm so sorry. 

Talking weight on social media 
Weight is quite a taboo subject, but when people with perfectly great bodies say they are fat on Twitter and Instagram, I just wanna know why they write it. I understand that they probably do have body issues (like all of us) but is writing it on Twitter the answer to all their problems? 

Asking a question on social media instead of Google 
Writing a Facebook status and waiting for a response takes a lot longer than writing it into Google. It gets me every time, why do people do it. Especially if it's asking for directions or opening hours for a shop or something. 

I can't deal with people who think if you are a girl you portray certain stereotypes, or you can't do certain things. So many times I have listened to people talk down to me or not include me in something because of my gender. "Because you're a girl" is not an excuse for anything. 

So there you have my pet peeves. Sorry that this post is so negative, but I kind of feel better getting all my negative energy out in the open. What would your number 1 pet peeve be? And do you get annoying at any of the things I mentioned above? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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