Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blogtober | Childhood Memories

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Blogtober day 14!

What I've been up to
Today was a write-off. I missed my 9:00am lecture because I woke up with my sinuses killing and the stuffiest nose known to man. Too much information? After getting up way passed midday, I did some blog reading and just relaxed. 

I was suppose to have a meeting with my lecturer today but she stood me up! Left me waiting for 45 minutes until I realised I was wasting my time and went home. Even my lecturer is too cool to hang out with me!

Funniest Childhood Memory
I think this photo sums me up pretty perfectly. That's me and my Grandad. He's one of my favourite people I have in my life. It doesn't matter what mood your in, you go and see my Grandad and you'll be laughing. He's always cracking jokes even if he doesn't realise it. He has so many stories to tell about when he was a young teddy boy in the 50's, getting up to no good. He wont even tell me the bad ones. 

It's hard to pin point 'the funniest' memory from my childhood. But being at my Nan and Grandad's were definitely the funnest. Me, my sister and cousin would spent so much time at their house. Especially during the Summer when are parents would be working. They had 3 huge gardens attached to their house, full of plants, trees and sheds which was perfect for playing hide and seek and exploring. The evenings were spent playing chess and card games until it was time for bed. 

Being at my Nan and Grandad's is definitely my favourite memories from childhood. Even now, I love going there and spending time with them. They are both equally hilarious. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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