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Blogtober | Autumn Style Inspiration

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Blogtober day 16 

What I've been up to
I finally feel better! If you haven't been reading my past Blogtober posts, you may not know that I've been feeling ill and run down other the past week. But I finally feel much better and can finally breath properly again. I swear you never appreciate having a clear nose quite like you do after you've beaten the common cold.

I think the reason why my immune system has suddenly kicked into action was because of the Dominos I just ate. Not joking, pizza seems to be the answer to everything. Maybe eating fruit and vegetables to cure illness was just some kind of sick joke our parents tell us to make us get our 5 a day. 

Autumn Fashion Inspiration
Today's Blogtober prompt is all about fall fashion. Like always, I've been really into the 60's trend, and I think it works perfectly in Autumn and Winter. I love cute dresses layered with boyish jumpers and tons of mascara. I've been getting a lot of inspo from our most stylish friend, Rachel Green. I love how she wears crop tops and cute patterned skirts. As well as knee high boots or socks. 

Layering and big cosy jumpers and coats are always perfect for Autumn. I've been loving some of Mary-Kate Olsen's older looks. She's the ultimate queen of the effortlessly cool/off duty model look. She's great a throwing layers together and looking awesome. The grungy 'I don't care' feel to an outfit is always my favourite for everyday outfits. 

Here are some style inspiration photos that I love, and I hope they inspire you too!  

mary-kate olsen stylecher clueless fashion autumn fashion, rachel green style autumn fashion fall fashionfall fashion autumn fashion cher clueless fashioncher clueless fashion

I absolutely love this time of year for fashion. I love layering with shirts, jumpers and coats. There's nothing better than snuggling up in hundreds of layers on your walk to Uni. What are your favourite things to wear in the Autumn now the weather is starting to get chilly?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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