Monday, 1 September 2014

St Ives Apricot Facial Scrubs

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St Ives Scrub Fresh Skin Apricot

St Ives Scrub Naturally Clear Apricot

This post has been long overdue, as my appreciation for these St Ives scrubs has been ongoing for months now. Seriously. All the other scrubs I have used in the past, never really improved my skin quite like these ones do. Very impressed. So here is my little review on these St Ives products...

Naturally Clear
This product is a blemish fighting apricot scrub, which clears away any oils and dirt that can lead to spots. It includes salicylic acid, which I always look out for when I need something to clear my skin from blemishes. I'm really pleased with this one, as when I have a few break outs, I exfoliate my face with this St Ives apricot scrub, and straight away- it gets my skin back on track. 
st ives, st ives apricot scrub review
Fresh Skin
I use this St Ives facial scrub more on a day-to-day basis, rather than the Naturally Clear one. I find that this scrub is good at keeping your skin looking healthy and feeling soft. It removes dead skin cells, and leaves your skin as a nice smooth surface for your make-up. I find that my foundation applies evenly and looks so much nicer if I use this product beforehand. 

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Overall, I am so happy I have found a facial exfoliator which actually improves my skin. I've been obsessed with these products for quite a few months now, so i'll definitely be repurchasing soon. Even though I use the Fresh Skin one much more often (I've almost used it all up), I will be buying them both, as I find the Naturally Clear one works wonders when my face looks like a pizza. Considering they are super cheap and tend to be always on offer in Boots and Superdrug, they don't break the bank even for my student budgets. 

Have you used any of the St Ives scrubs, or do you have a different favourite exfoliator? I would love to know which ones you find works best for your skin. Leave them in the comments! 

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