Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer Soundtrack #1

Nora from wrote a post on a few songs she's been listening to recently, and she really inspired me to do the same. I've wanted to include more music related posts on my blog for ages, but didn't really know how to go about it. Embedding spotify songs onto blogs hasn't worked well in my experience (unless you create a whole playlist), so Soundcloud it is! (It looks nice doesn't it?!) 

A few weeks ago I took a trip down memory lane and digged deep into my archives. My first four picks are all songs I've rediscovered and can not believe I actually forgot about. I've been listening to a lot of the Spinto Band - Nice and Nicely Done album, which I've never actually listened to in full before, despite it coming out in 2005. Such a lovely album. 

I've been listening to a lot of Disclosure recently. I'm not normally into this type of music, and found it very strange how much I liked Latch and the other popular songs. Help Me Lose My Mind has that Disclosure sound, but is much more chilled and more... 'my type of thing'. Definitely give it a listen even if you're unsure about Disclosure. I have a feeling it's going to be my song for the Summer.



  1. Love this collection. It's always nice to see someone who admires Animal Collective. My Girls is such a great track :)


    1. They are such a underrated band, not many people really remember them!

  2. I love Disclosure, I am seeing them at Bestival in September!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Soo jealous! I hope you have a great time!


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