Tuesday, 15 July 2014

See ya later University!

My Outfit:
Topshop Bag
New Look Ankle Boots

Lydia's Outfit:
H&M Dress
New Look Sandals

This post is way over due, but my 2nd year of University is over! YAY. The main reason I'm happy about this is because my uni room was gross (pink walls and blue carpet, no no), and my bed had springs stinking out of it, yay uni. Nonetheless, this year was really great. A lot more relaxed and easy-going than first year, which I liked. Also, I even managed to bag myself a 2:1. I'm already ready to go back and tackle 3rd year. 

To celebrate the end of year, we went to our Summer Ball, which is like a prom but better because there's live music and alcohol. No awkward sober dancing here... Scouting for Girls were there, and from what I remember they were really good. It felt like 2007 had come back to haunt me. The 'headliner' was Foxes, but I missed her. I have no idea where I was by that point. 

After putting off buying a dress for weeks and weeks, I finally found this one on ASOS (thank god for next day delivery!) I like how simple it is, just a white skater dress with lace sleeves. Whenever I go to things like this, I always have a fear of looking 'too put together.' I don't know why, I just can't handle looking to dressed up, so of course, I opted for my New Look ankle boots rather than a nice pair of heels. Does anyone else feel like this too?

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