Friday, 25 July 2014

How to get your Instagram photos looking like-worthy

Do you ever feel like the Instagram filters aren't enough anymore? 

Well, I have a few tips and tricks to making your photos look as good as possible, and by tricks, I mean apps! (and most of them are free!)

This free app is great because it has a selection of 10 different filters to choose from, which all make your photographs pop. I particularly like C1, F2 and G3. I normally head towards them on the majority of my photos. 

VSCOcam also allows you to adjust the exposure, temperature, contrast etc, so you can really play around with your photos and make them look exactly how you want them too. A lot better than the original Instagram filters, am I right? 

This app has to be my favourite. Although it does cost 69p, it has a ton of different features to use on your photos. 

The usual exposure, brightness and contrast adjustments are included, as well as highlights and saturation levels, so you can change the colouring of the photo. There is also a ton of different lens and light flares to try out. As well as that, there are different shapes to apply to your photographs, so you can have your image in a circle or square, or whatever you like! 

Most importantly, there are a ton of different filters to use. I really like using Russ, Coral and all the black and white ones. But there are loads to try out. 

Lastly, but I forgot to take a photo of it, Dropbox!
This app allows you to send your photos to different devices. For instance, I have the app downloaded on my iPad, iPhone and computer, so I can easily access photos from all three. It's particularly useful if you want to Instagram a photo from your computer. You can just drop it in the dropbox, and it will show up on your phone. Or sometimes if I have photos on my phone that I want to include in a blog post, I can get it on my computer in seconds, how easy! 

If you know any other apps that you use to edit your photos, let me know! I'll love to give 'em a go. Also, if you want to add me on Instagram my account is @laurensibs  :)

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  1. Love the tips! All sound really cool - I mostly stick to the standard Instagram effects but might have to try these out! x


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