Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let me be Sheezus!

Lily Allen released her third album this month, and since her last album, It's Not You It's Me, came out five years ago(!!!), she's definitely been due a comeback. 

Hard Out Here, Air Balloon and Our Time have been released as singles, and like always, it seems that the songs chosen for release do not reflect on the album. Although Hard Out Here and Air Balloon are really strong pop songs, and I see the appeal of Our Time, being the slowest and 'chart-appropriate' song on the album. I feel that some of the other tracks on the album deserve much more appreciation. 

Close Your Eyes 
This one's quite a raunchy one, which Lily talks about her relationship with her husband, in the... bedroom? "Come on ride me like a bike..." I absolutely love this one, and probably my most played out of all of songs on this album. It has a sort-of 80's/90's vibe, which I love and reminds me of slow 90's RnB, which doesn't sound like anything else in the charts to-date. 
URL Badman 
Summing up today's internet culture pretty well, this song is all about trolls. This song includes tons of popular culture references and Lily's witty humour. Of course, like a lot of people, Lily Allen is the subject of hash internet bashing, but this song gives a humorous take on the people writing these posts in their basements of their parent's house.   Insincerely Yours 
Similar to URL Badman, Insincerely Yours talks about current issues, but this one concerns celebrity culture. Although she is slating the industry she works in, she's not afraid to say that, like everyone else, she's only here for the money. Bold move for Lily, but I didn't expect any less. I also really love this song because of the 80's/90's feel it has, similar to Close Your Eyes It's a bit of a different kind of post from me today, but I really want to include some music posts on my blog, just as it's such a big interest of mine. Let me know what you think! Also, what do you guys think of the Sheezus album, and what's your favourite on the album? 

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  1. I love Lily Allen and definitely think her comeback has been brill! I love her sheezus video!


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