Friday, 7 February 2014

This week's most appreciated #01

chris crocker leave britney alone instagram videos youtuber It's about time my blog got its very own weekly feature, and in attempt to make it a bit more personal and for you to all to get to know me better, I'll be showing you my favourite things from the week. This could be absolutely anything I have especially been enjoying, from tv shows to websites to food. Enjoy, and don't forget to let me know what you've been appreciating this week too in the comments! I would love to read it :) 

Chris Crocker's Instagram 
You probably all know Chris Crocker from the leave britney alone video which went viral in 2007 (generally cannot believe that was 7 years ago!) Only recently I have started following him on instagram, and oh my god, his instagram videos are amazingly hilarious, he just makes me laugh so much. If you're into over-the-top camp comedy, Chris is the one to follow. 

 the oc tv series The O.C
I've watched this TV series over and over again a million times now, but I'm currently re-watching it. The O.C is a teen drama which focuses on Ryan, a troubled teenager who gets adopted by a wealthy family in the high class society of Newport Beach. The series follows the characters through always dramatic story lines, and I just love it. I also got my housemate hooked, and he's only on season 1 (which is why it's not in the photo). Can we also just mention Rachel Bilson, why is she so perfect! 

canon 50mm lens 50mm Lens
I've been lusting over this lens for so long now, and I finally got it for my birthday (which I persuaded my boyfriend to give to me early). I really love how it makes my photos look so much more professional, creating a much better depth of field than my kit lens. You can see how my outfit photos look, taken with this lens here

blackfish documentary sea world killer whales Blackfish
Blackfish is a documentary on killer whales in captivity which came out last year, and has caused a stir on social media, everybody's talking about it. I watched it on netflix, but for some reason it's not longer on there. It focuses on Tilikum, a killer whale which was held in captivity at SeaWorld, and how these whales become distressed from being in small enclosures and end up acting out. It really is moving and is sick to see how SeaWorld treat their staff. Definitely a must watch if you haven't seen it already. I really want to watch it again. 


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  1. Oh as if that Britney video was that long I feel old! The camera lens looks incredible, the quality is beautiful! I really want to look into getting a more professional camera, I still am bobbing along with my Canon point-and-shoot, haha! X

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale


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