Saturday, 14 December 2013

winter floral

New Look Tartan Scarf (similar here)
Office Nighthawks

Last month I managed to spend quite a bit of money in New Look. Seriously, I was so impressed with their winter collection. New Look is normally a hit and miss with me, especially because the one in my uni city is sooo ridiculously small and tend to only stock essentials. But nevertheless, so impressed at the moment. 

I picked up this t-shirt, which I've been wearing so much lately as it's comfy and easy for uni. I really like the oversized fit and the little sleeves, I just think it's so flattering, and cutesy in the winter floral.

I've actually had these photos ready since a couple of weeks ago, but I've been without internet (you probably know this if you follow me on Twitter). But it doesn't matter now because I'm finally back, yayyyy! + I'm ready to get back into my schedule :) Watch this space. 



  1. I love the tartan scarf!

  2. Love this outfit, especially the scarf!

  3. That top looks so good against your hair...beaut!

  4. You hair looks so so cool! Very jealous! Love the classic tartan print scarf and your shoes as well.

  5. you look gorgeous, love this outfit on you!

    alex // Cats and Vodka

  6. I always find stuff in New Look too, though my work pals do poo-poo it. And I just had to comment when I spotted your nighthawks, I've got dupes but I wish I'd got my hands on a pair when they were out. You look lovely! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. Oh my! Your hair is so lovely :)

    Goes so well with that floral blouse as well xx

  8. I love your top! so nice!
    - Charlotte

  9. That top is absolutely gorgeous Lauren! :) x Laura

  10. this shirt is so cute and goes amazingly with your hair, which is fab btw! x


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