Saturday, 14 December 2013

winter floral

New Look Tartan Scarf (similar here)
Office Nighthawks

Last month I managed to spend quite a bit of money in New Look. Seriously, I was so impressed with their winter collection. New Look is normally a hit and miss with me, especially because the one in my uni city is sooo ridiculously small and tend to only stock essentials. But nevertheless, so impressed at the moment. 

I picked up this t-shirt, which I've been wearing so much lately as it's comfy and easy for uni. I really like the oversized fit and the little sleeves, I just think it's so flattering, and cutesy in the winter floral.

I've actually had these photos ready since a couple of weeks ago, but I've been without internet (you probably know this if you follow me on Twitter). But it doesn't matter now because I'm finally back, yayyyy! + I'm ready to get back into my schedule :) Watch this space. 

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