Friday, 22 November 2013

The Craze Press Launch

Primark Coat
Office Nighthawks
A few weeks ago I headed down to the Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch for the Craze press launch. The Craze is an online marketplace where you can discover brands and independent designers from across the globe. I had checked out some of the pieces on the website before hand, but it was great to see and get a feel of the clothes in real life. You could tell the designers had paid a lot of attention to detail, making the pieces so very unique and great quality. Ah the fabrics! 

As well as having a sneak preview of some of the designers clothes, we were also treated to a runway show featuring a competition to scout 'the face of craze'. I wish I got some photos of the runway show but my camera was not being my friend that night! 

What made the night is that I got to meet the lovely bloggers, Andi, Amy, Georgina and Kayla. They were all so friendly and it was so nice to meet them!  



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