Saturday, 19 October 2013


Primark Beanie (similar here)
Office Nighthawks

A bit of a late one today, but I haven't posted all week so I thought I better get this one up! I actually wore this outfit twice last week. These photos were taken on the day I went to see my friend do an alternative 80's DJ set. He did it at one of my favourite pubs, which is filled with photos of metal/pop-punk bands. You can see a bad quality instagram photo of it here.

I then wore the same outfit again (minus the beanie and coat) a few days later for drinks with my friends on my course. I really love this dress, as it's perfect for day or night looks, and I generally just think it's a cute piece. (I don't think the picture on the Topshop website shows it very well). 

This H&M coat is my favourite autumn/winter piece so far, I really wanted something similar last year, so I'm glad I now have it in my life! I really love how it toughens up dresses, especially in the outfit I posted last week

Have a great weekend, and speak soon!



  1. why are you so cute? Love this look :)
    Ruth x

  2. I've seen this coat instore, I was instantly in love haha :') I love the stying with the dress and beanie, perfect for Autumn !

  3. Love your coat! That looks marvelously!^^
    Love the dress too! You look really great in the hat!

    Dreamer Clara^^

  4. Love how you've teamed these items, looks so perfect for autumn!

    // xx

  5. Love that coat Lauren! Such a nice Autumn outfit!

  6. i love your dressss honey ;))))
    you look so beautiful
    so now pleaseeeee..come to see my new's little mystery..............;)) hihihi check it out..

  7. i've been eyeing this dress up myself for a while now, bladdy lav it on you! you may have just twisted my arm...brb just heading to topshop

  8. Gorgeous!!!! Love your outfit xx

  9. love your outfit x


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