Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Fictional Style Icons #1

Although my blog is centred around fashion and style, I have a great love for TV and film. One of my favourite things to do is buy a DVD boxset and spend evenings (and sometimes days) having a marathon. So here I am combining the two: my top fictional style icons.  

I was inspired by Erin from e-eliseetc who posted 'five favourite TV friendships' and 'five TV characters I'd love to be friends with'. I love the concept of these posts, so I really want to start doing more things like this on my blog. 

Whenever I watch Gossip Girl I can not help but feel sad that I don't have all the pretty dresses Blair Waldorf has. She seriously has everything, I wish my mother was a top fashion designer and I got to look at Chuck Bass everyday. It's not just Blair, all the characters in Gossip Girl wear clothes which I can only dream of wearing. Blair just sticks out to me because I love her fairytale vintage dresses she wears, she always looks the part and is never in tracksuit bottoms or jeans. I wish I went to Constance so I could wear the cute preppy uniforms Blair and her followers would wear. The girl deserves a clap for being able to pull of a headband day to day, seriously if I wore one I would feel so stupid, but Blair just works them so well, why can't I be you Blair!  

My whole childhood was spent believing that one day I would be Rachel Green. I have been a Friends fan for as long as I can remember, and although I can't remember what age exactly, I know I was watching them at the same time I was watching Winnie the Pooh and Cartoon Network. Rachel's most memorable outfits are from when she worked in Central Perk. She was always seen in mini skirts and cute cropped shirts, all things which are on trend today. When she started working at Boomingdales ('my mom calls it bloomies') and then Ralph Lauren her style becomes a lot more grown up with a simple colour palette, yet still very much Rachel. She seriously looks good in everything she wears, she didn't even look too bad in that pink bridesmaids dress which looked like 'something you drink when you're nauseous'. 

A style icon list without Cher Horowitz? AS IT! How much do you want to wear that yellow plaid jacket and matching mini skirt? Wearing this combo to uni without getting any odd looks or comments would be a dream! Plus a friend by my side wearing Dionne's matching ensemble too, I actually think this is my life ambition. I'm sure everyone was excited to see Wildfox's Clueless inspired collection earlier this year, as well as the very Cher-esque clothing appearing it our high street stores. It just goes to show that eighteen years later and Cher is still inspiring fashion concious girls around the world! Also where can I download the Cher wardrobe software?!

Who would your fictional style icons be?

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