Wednesday, 25 September 2013

hit me with your smile again

New Look Basic Vest
Topshop Satchel (similar here)

How English is this post! Tea, scones and old buildings! For the past week I've been enjoying the change of scenery in my new home! I've moved back to university, and have been keeping busy with unpacking, freshers and reuniting with friends. It's been great being back here and I'm actually looking forward to diving into year two of my course! 

I brought a little point and shoot camera the other day, so I've been taking that out on little day trips so I can show you what I actually get up too! (I'm not always lazy I promise!) I'm just getting use to it, I still need to learn what all the different settings do! 

Speak soon! 



  1. lovely photos, cute outfit! :) x

  2. Lovely photos! I love what you're wearing, that skirt is SO nice!

    Xenia xx

  3. The scones look good! Love your outfit as well! xx

  4. Love the photos, looks like your relaxed and settling back in well Lauren!

  5. Love the skirt! Great monochrome look! Mmmmm cream tea...amazing!

  6. lovely photos and enjoy uni this year, it goes so quickly :( x

  7. Lovely photos and a beaut of an outfit.. Can't resist a bit of tea and scones in my life either.




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