Saturday, 21 September 2013

French Connection #SketchToStore Style Challenge Event

On Wednesday French Connection held 30+ parties across the country to have a look at the new Sketch to Store a/w collection. They even ran a competition allowing guests to style and model the pieces, giving everyone a chance of winning some vouchers. French Connections teamed up with one of my favourite photographers Rankin to show how the brand works and designs their clothes. The innovative campaign really stands out, as I love the creative imagery with the sketched out designs over the model photographs. You can check it out here

On arrival we were greeted with some delicious drinks, and were able to have a look at the new collection in a chilled out atmosphere. It was refreshing to see such bright colours within the range, the neon greens and bright oranges undoubtedly got my attention. The range is full of versatile pieces which are simplistic but with gorgeous detail. FC have put their own take on each item, making all the pieces unique and unlike anything I have seen on the high street so far. 

At the event we took part in the style challenge which allowed us to model the new collection for the chance of winning some vouchers. It was a great opportunity to look further into the new collection and actually do some styling. I went for the winter walk skirt which I have completely fallen in love with. It's has a textured wool feel to it with a leather waist band and detail on the pockets, beyond gorgeous. I paired it with the classic polly plains t-shirt which is so soft and lightweight, and to add a pop of colour I couldn't resist this bright orange boucle coat! What do you think?

My pal Lydia and I had a great time, and we loved the new collection. Thank you for inviting us along! 


  1. I love the campaign too! That coat looks lovely on you, such a nice colour! x

  2. The campaign sounds so cool! The coat looks amazing on you! That color is so bright and fun!

    -Trina ♥

  3. oh my! such a beautiful pices in there!! :)

  4. ah i was invited to this in nottingham but never got round to going- looks awesome, the red coat is amazing too! xx

  5. you know what you're doing!

  6. That coat is beautiful!!! I need it in my life!!



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