Saturday, 7 September 2013

a little A/W Primark Haul

It's my favourite time of year for fashion, and of course Primark has done it again and brought out another amazing A/W collection, and a lot of it is already in stores! Now my purse is pretty empty at the moment (hurry up student loan...) so I wasn't able to buy everything, but I did pick up a few bits I've wanted to buy when I went to the Stratford Westfield's last week. 

This shirt has to be my favourite purchase of the trip. I normally find that Primark shirts are too sheer for my liking or just generally really cheap feeling, but this one is soooo soft and feels like it's going to last! This is definitely a good alternative to the shirts which are in Urban Outfitters at the moment as it's only £12! + I sized up just so it's more oversized.

Quilted tops have been in stores for a few months now, so I've been meaning to pick one up. I really like the different texture and makes for a usual basic top. This one in Primark was £6, but I managed to get it for £4 as it has a make-up mark on the top, which will easily come off in the wash. It does have a chain on the top of the pocket, but I'm going to cut it off as it's not really my thing. This top comes in black, grey and of course this creamy colour. 

This cardigan is definitely going to be one of those items every blogger has, I've already seen them on hundreds of blogs! My blog is no exception because this cardigan is the perfect addition of my autumn wardrobe. It's soooooo soft! I'll be wearing this as a jacket when the wearing isn't too cold but not warm enough for just a t-shirt. I think it would be perfect for uni for something to snuggle up in for the evening lecturers. + it was £12!
Can't leave Primark without something you probably don't need but is too cute to leave behind. This just makes my phone look too adorable! They also had a cat and a koala for £3.  

What have you picked up in Primark recently? Do you like their A/W collection? 
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