Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Reading Festival 2013

After five days of not showering and sleeping in the tiniest tent on earth, I'm home, showered and having post festival blues! What a way to end the Summer with great live music, sun, cider and overpriced veggy burgers. I wish I could do it all again! 

Fall Out Boy was definitely my favourite act over the whole weekend, and I knew they would be as I've been a serious fan since I was 12 years old, so seeing them live was very surreal. They even did a meet and great, but as you'd expect the queue was sooo long and I didn't want to risk queuing up for hours and hours and then not being able to meet them, so I stood at the barrier and was about a couple metres away from Pete, seriously fangirling! 

Other than Fall Out boy, my favourites were Bring Me The Horizon and Johnny Marr, both their sets were soooo good and I'll probably watch them again on iPlayer later today haha!

I didn't take many photos over the weekend, but there's a few photos and a video on my instagram if you're interested. I really wish I did some OOTD's but nothing I wore was particularly interesting at all! I love dressing for festivals, but when you're all smelly and staying in such a small tent, it's easier just to throw on some shorts and a tee. Seriously, this tent, so small that only one of us could sit up at a time! It is much easier to dress nice for day festivals! Oh and one question, what is with every girl wearing shorts that show off half their butt cheeks?! 

Any-whoo, I wanted to say a massive thank you because when I got home yesterday and checked my blog I had 200+ subscribers on GFC, seriously made my weekend to know that so many of you want to keep reading my scribbles. A giveaway is definitely in order, so I need to start planning that and will be up mid September! 

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