Wednesday, 3 July 2013

the dungaree life

Primark Crop Top

I'm back home! Missing my freedom and my uni room, but apart from that home isn't too bad. I spent yesterday with my nan and grandad and then made cakes with my sister. So I guess home is just what I needed. So this will probably be my backdrop for my outfit photos this summer. Not too shabby I must say, I like how they've come out. Although the top ones are quite (very) blurry, that will have to be improved. I think I need a camera remote. Does anyone have one, do they make outfit photos easier to take? 

I've started drafting up my 'first year of uni' post, which a lot of you said you'd like to read. I'm going to be talking about my experience and then include tips and advice I think would be useful to know. Hopefully it will be beneficial to you, and it should be up by the weekend.

I went to see my new house for my second year of university the other day, as I had completely forgotten what it looked like, and I needed to move some stuff in. By my surprise my bedroom is actually baby pink! Which I'm actually quite pleased about, but hopefully my outfit photos wont look too odd. But I guess what's all to come in September! 

Anyway, the outfit! Today will be spent being lazy around the house, blogging and watching TV. So I went for dungarees which allows me to be comfy yet still quite presentable. I normally just wear my pyjamas around the house, but I think my mum will get annoyed seeing me wasting around in my pjs all summer, so I better get dressed some days! 


  1. I'm still on the hunt fot the perfect vintage dungarees, I'm loving these ones! In love with your blazers too!!

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. lovely outfit! A remote is such a good investment - i got mine from ebay for about £3 and it makes life so much easier so defo get one!

    bec X

    1. Yeah, I really think I might get one :)

  3. I love the dungarees and cropped top combo, really cute :)


  4. Well aren't you adorable :D Love the dungas

    Ruth x

  5. Love the dungarees!
    Look great with the high tops.

  6. love those dungarees <3

  7. I've just finished my first year of uni too, and although I had an amazing time it would have been so helpful to read some tips before I went! A good idea for a post. And I'm in love with your trainers! x

  8. Ha, nothing like coming home from Uni and getting all the parent issues back- where you going? Do you want to clean your room? Love the outfit too! Super cute kicks.

    Em x

  9. Your dungarees are so cute and your hair looks gorgeous! x

  10. loove your dungarees, they're so cute

  11. Wohoo! I love the overalls and that crop top is wonderful!

    Tiny darling

  12. Adorable!

  13. I definitely still need such a crop top, but seems to be quite a struggle to find them here, ha! like the way you matched it with the sneakers and dungarees.

  14. cute dungarees!

  15. I like that you added a graphic crop top.
    Dungarres are everywhere now!

    --> <--

  16. lovely outfit, i want your dungarees! xx

  17. yes, i really agree about 50 shades of grey! i just finished reading it, and it's defintely not the best book i've read (by far), but i found myself really getting sucked into it and i now even want to buy the 2nd and 3rd book, haha!

  18. I love how you styled the dungarees with the crop top - such a great look for summer!
    Thanks for your lovely comment and ooh good luck with second year of uni :)
    Saadiya x


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