Thursday, 25 July 2013

I've entered the game of pricks with knives in the back of me

Uniqlo Trousers

While you're reading this I'll be in Stratford Westfields eyeing up all the clothes I can't afford! Seriously haven't been shopping in so long, which is why I enjoyed spending the fifty pound ASOS voucher I won on Lucy's blog so much. You can see what I brought here, although I am umming and ahhing about the gingham dress which is just too big for me, heart broken. 

This is the outfit I wore yesterday, seriously can not get enough of the Uniqlo trousers. They are perfect for humid weather because they are quite thin and light, unlike the jeans I own. Perfect for when you don't want to get your legs out.  

You might also want to know that I'm getting my hair cut today, eeek. (see photos on instagram at some point). Looking at these photos, I do like my long hair but mannn it's hard to care for, and it seriously just need a good cut! 



  1. Lovely trousers! Such a nice print! x

  2. Love these trousers! The colour and pattern are really lovely. I'm thinking of getting a similar pair, they would be ideal to wear at college.

  3. Such a cute outfit, love the statement trousers! xx

  4. I love love LOVE the trousers! I have been wanting a pair of print trousers for ages but none of them suit me (or fit me!) Waaah! :-( xxx

  5. Oh no, the gingham dress was my favourite out of your haul. Can you swap in for a smaller size?


  6. I love these print trousers so much. The colour is amazing!

    - clothes, shoes & boys with tattoos

  7. I LOVE ur trousers <3

    -Lady N.

  8. your trousers are incredible, they really do look perfect for this weather.x

  9. What brilliant trousers! So pretty :D x

  10. I love the print on your trousers! x

  11. I absolutely love these trousers! and the shoes too. Generally, the whole look is so pretty!



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