Friday, 26 July 2013

I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me

Primark Top
H&M Floral Skirt (old)
Office Platform Trainers (similar here

In ultimate zombie mode today, I'm surprised I actually look awake in these photos. I thought my eyes would be half closed in all of them, because that's how they feel! Yesterday I went to Stratford (I guess that must have worn me out!) to have a look around the shops and just soak up some atmosphere rather than staying in. I almost cried in Urban Outfitters because everything is so perfect in there at the moment, and I can't afford any of it! 

Last week I decided to sort out all my clothes, and ebay or send to charity anything I don't wear. I came across this old H&M skirt and couldn't decide to keep it or throw away, what do you think? It's pretty long so I had to roll it up, but I guess it's quite cute. I also found my old Office Platforms, which always make me feel like baby spice when I wear them. I might actually wear them to Reading fest because it will give me more of a chance to actually see the bands, ultimate short people problems! I can't find them on the website any more, but I found an ebay seller who's selling pretty good dupes for cheap! 

I also better mention I had a haircut! I really loved my long hair, but it was getting too much hard work to manage, for little lazy me. Just wanted to cut it all off and begin the growing process again. 

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