Friday, 12 July 2013

Blurred Lines

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ASOS Duck Dress (pug version)
New Look Belt

This morning I woke up and thought... I'll wear trousers today... looked at my clothes and rediscovered this duck dress and couldn't resist! So bare legs again it is. I brought it last summer from ASOS, and I only wore it a handful of times because it's so long for me, being around 5ft 2 everything normally is. So I've folded it up and belted it, which is why the material looks a bit weird around the middle. Nevertheless, I quite like this look, especially with the cardigan

I'm going into London this weekend to be reunited with a couple of my flatmates for one of their birthdays. It's so weird going from seeing them everyday to coming home and not seeing them at all. Probably one of the most annoying things about have friends from all around the country. I might actually wear this outfit again on the Sunday as I do really like how it looks. 

Unfortunately ASOS don't sell this dress any more, but I found a even cooler version of it with little pugs printed all over it! You can see that here

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