Monday, 22 July 2013

Bang the doldrums

Primark Dress

The comfiest combo ever = dresses with jumpers. I picked this one up in the Topshop sale for £7, and it's still online here. I love the cropped style and the colour is so vibrant and gorgeous for this weather. I also really like how it has the white speckled detailing just like the speckled dresses Topshop has in every single colour known to man. Jumpers seem pretty crazy to be wearing in this heatwave, but this one is so thin and perfect for covering my shoulders to avoid getting even more sunburnt!  

I teamed the Topshop jumper with the £5 Primark dress (which are also in every colour under the sun). These dresses are such great quality for a mere five pounds, and I really love how to white looks with the vibrant orange. If you don't know what dress I'm on about, you can see it here in my haul from a while ago. 

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