Thursday, 27 June 2013

you say you will, say you will save me

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Topshop Dress (old)

Strangely I didn't realise I was wearing all Topshop until I started writing this post. I should  really make it my 'mid-years-new-years revulsion' to buy from more shops, rather than just spending all my cash on the high street. Although I do buy a lot from online retailers, I'm just lazy sometimes and think '...oh I could just get that in town' rather than waiting a week for the package to turn up. 

Hope everyone has been enjoying their week. It's been so nice here in the UK recently, although I've been ill so haven't made the most of it yet! Hopefully the sun will stay out a bit longer! The rest of the week, and the weekend will be spent packing, as I'm moving out of my uni halls on Monday, cry cry cry. I was thinking of putting together a first year at university post, for anyone who's thinking of going or even attending in September, what do you think? 

This dress is pretty old! I think it must be at least two years since it was on the rails in Topshop. I missed the chance at buying it, but managed to snap it up on ebay! The detailing is gorgeous, and makes for the perfect summer dress. 

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