Monday, 3 June 2013

This Months Most Loved

It's about time I did a round up of my current favourites. I've been debating doing it for a while but I do think it's a good idea because I can show you products which I haven't done a full blog post about, and I think you may like! I tend to go back to a lot of products which I have forgotten about, so this wont just be new releases! Plus this wont just be beauty products, I'll probably throw in other things I have been loving that month. Let's get on with it! 

The Little Bubble Co Strawberry Sundae Bath and Shower Gel £2.99 - Shower gels are always a little boring, but we all use them. I always go for the 'food smelling' ones as they always smell so tasty, this strawberry sundae one is no exception, the smell is gorgeous. It's quite a strong strawberry scent which definitely wakes me up in the morning. At £2.99 for a 500ml bottle, it is very cheap and is lasting me forever. The product is allergen free, suitable for veggies and not tested on animals, which makes me a happy bunny! 

Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Leave-in Spray £3.39 - This product is a leave-in spray which conditions and smooths the hair to leave it frizz free. I use this whenever my hair is looking dull and lifeless. It really is a lifesaver as it's a quick way to make your hair look radiant and presentable. It also smells amazing! (I'm a sucker for anything that smells nice). 

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Perfume £37.00 - Marc Jacobs perfumes are my ultimate favourites, Daisy being my most loved. But recently I've been wearing Oh, Lola more and more, I just find the scent is so fitting for spring. It is very fruity and refreshing. I also love the packaging. 

Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss Nail Polish in Britpop £4.49 - I must admit, I first brought this because of the name as I'm a big britpop fan, the colour doesn't look amazing in the bottle it's just a basic blue. But when you apply it's an ocean blue which is so bright and nothing like the other blues I have or have seen. It's such a lovely shade for any season. I've also found that it doesn't chip for five days, which is beyond amazing in my books. I have done a full review with pictures here

Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara £4.99 - This is my favourite mascara at the moment, I normally have a few mascaras I switch between from day to day, but since I brought this a month ago it's all I've been using. I've used a few scandaleyes mascaras in the past and I'm always very impressed and they are pretty cheap. This one is very black as well as giving full coverage with little effort, leaving no clumps! It also leaves my little lashes looking a lot more volumized and longer. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral and Flirty Blush £2.99 - I'm sure you've all used Batiste, perfect for the lazy gals who can't be bother to wash their hair. Of course it's going to be in my favourites! It would be in my favourites every month if I knew you wouldn't all get bored of seeing it. Anyway, after using many of the different dry shampoos Batiste has to offer, I'm  pretty sure this one is my favourite, the scent is very girly and fresh and the formula is really great, and doesn't make my hair crispy like some of the others. I also use Batiste for volume so I spray it underneath my hair and in the roots and it gives my hair a boost which lasts! 


  1. i really want to try that mascara! love this x

  2. I love those Rimmel nail polishes! I bought three of them, and Brit Pop is next on my list :)

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said

  3. the strawberry sundae shower gel looks interesting, might have to try it out :) x

  4. love these products! and they look just sooo pretty! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

  5. Dry shampoo is my best friend!
    Lovely perfume.

  6. ooooh i have some batiste that i still need to try, it sounds like it smells nice too! xx

  7. I really want to try the Lola perfume, Daisy is my favourite so this might have to be my next purchase!

    Em x

  8. I've never tried Scandaleyes mascara before! I may try this!

    -Trina ♥ | bloglovin


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