Sunday, 23 June 2013

Supermarket Beauty Bargains

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Ceramic Blue and Really Rosy

Yesterday I was being a cheap skate and looking through the reduced section in Morrisons and noticed a box full of beauty products. I didn't even know they did reduced make up but apparently they do, and I picked up these gorgeous colours by Maybelline. The box was full of different Maybelline products, including lipsticks and mascaras and of course nail varnishes. I don't really understand why they were reduced, but nevertheless I got these two polishes and they are in perfect condition. They retail for over £4, and I picked them up for £2.04 each, bargain. 

Both shades are absolutely gorgeous. Ceramic Blue is a pastel blue shade, which I'm particularly happy I got my hands on. There was a lot of blog hype surrounding this polish when it first came out, and since then I've always wanted it, but for no-reason-at-all never brought it. The shade is very similar to the 2 True Shade 15, which I love the colour of but the formula isn't amazing and sometimes I find it hard to work with, so I'm extremely glad I picked this up. Really Rosy is a dark pink shade which is very elegant. I'm not one to wear classic red nail polish so this is my sort of substitute colour. Both polishes are two coats opaque and the formula is smooth and dries quickly. 

I'm really glad I picked up these two colours, and I can't believe how cheap I got them for. The reduced section in your supermarket is definitely worth a look, you might find some beauty bargains like I did! I will definitely be looking there more often! 

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