Tuesday, 25 June 2013

sic transit gloria

Forever 21 Dress
Primark Bag

The come back of the iPhone outfit photo! To be honest it's not that bad quality. It's just a bit hectic at the moment, as I'm moving out of my uni halls next week so there's a lot going on, and sometimes it's just easier to take an outfit photo while I'm out. As well as that, I haven't been very well this week, so I've spent a lot of time in bed watching superhero films, listening to pop punk and catching up on everyone else's blogs. Hence why my blog has been a bit empty this week, but I know you all understand considering most of you run your own blogs too! 

So I'm moving out my uni room next week which is quite sad considering it's the first place I've lived without parents. But I've got a nice two months back at home in Essex, then back to uni where I'll have a much bigger room, so more space to be able to take my blog photos properly. (As well as a MASSIVE built in wardrobe which I've very excited about). I was thinking of putting together a first year at university post, for anyone who's attending this September or considering it in the future, what do you think?

As for the outfit, it was pretty much throw on and go, considering I've been ill this week, I was just happy to be outside with some fresh air. The dress is about two years old from Forever 21, and you've all seen this leather jacket before, considering it's probably the most worn item of clothing I own! You can't really see my shoes but they are the Topshop Hampi caged closed toe sandals, which are great for the hot weather, and perfect for me as they are comfy and barely show my toes (I don't really like showing toe!) Hope you are all well and good! 

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