Thursday, 20 June 2013

Elephant Print Dress

Primark Sunglasses (similar here)
Primark Bag
Office Nighthawks

How cool is this smock? I wore this outfit yesterday, and I made the biggest mistake anybody could ever make by wearing tights when it's 20+ degrees outside, oop. I spent the day walking around the city in the sun, then went to see the new Superman movie in the evening (which I didn't think was that great). I'm so in love with this dress, the elephant print is so cool, and I love the oversized fit. I did buy a size smaller than I am, so if you are thinking of buying it, I would size down because it does come up quite massive.

So, this whole GFC thing? Please remember to follow me on bloglovin because I would hate to loose any of you lovely people! I didn't particularly like bloglovin when I first started using it, but I'm getting right into it. I actually use it out of choice now! 

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