Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Collection hot looks nail polishes

Collection Hot Looks Polishes in Hidden, Lemon Soda, Hoola Hoop, BMX Bandit, Teeny Bikini and Electric Dreams - £1.99 each

I have so much love for these polishes. Collection (originally known as Collection 2000) is one of the cheaper cosmetic brands. Most of their products being under the £5 mark, so it's always worth a look to see what bargains you can pick up. Even though the products are cheap they definitely aren't bad quality. I'm always super happy with everything I've brought from them, (so far!). Collection is great for younger girls with a pocket money budget or anyone who just loves a bargain! 

The hot look polishes are my favourite products from Collection. At £1.99 they are super cheap and great quality. The photo above shows the polishes with two coats each, which leaves them opaque. The polishes are fast drying and has a wide brush, which makes the application process so much quicker. There are so many different shades to choose from, Collection have a wide variety. These polishes are just a selected few which I have brought. Some of the ones above I couldn't find online, so it's best to check in-store. Collection is held in most Superdrug and Boots stores.  

Overall, I am really happy with these polishes and I will carry on buying them. At £1.99 they are really cheap but excellent quality, with only two coats needed and fast drying. My favourite shades from this selection would be the Lemon Soda and Electric Dreams, which are both gorgeous summer shades. Which are your favourite Collection hot looks polishes?


  1. There all such sharp bright colours! I love the fact that they're not so Liquidy! Xo

    Just wanted to ask all my followers, could you please follow me on bloglovin! Karen xo

  2. Beautiful colors, I really like Hoola Hoop. Shame that we can't get Collection here!

    -Trina :)

  3. I may have to treat myself to Electric Dreams, I'm a huge fan of anything tealy or green.

    Jem xXx

  4. I love HIdden and Teeny Bikini, so pretty!

    Haven't heard of this brand before though, don't think we have it where I love in the US.

    You have a lovely blog, so glad I found it! x

    Much love, Aman xx

    1. Ah thank you, that's so nice! It's a shame you don't get Collection is the US, it's such a great cheaper brand

  5. Beautiful fresh colors, but unfortunately I've never seen this brand in the Netherlands.

  6. I haven’t tried Hot Looks personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Sounds good as well from what you’ve said, plus the colours are fab! Might have to actually go out and try it now! Defiantly your newest fan now xx

    1. You should definitely try them out, they are really good for the price. I really want to buy some of the newer ones Collection have


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