Saturday, 15 June 2013

Always and forever

Primark Oval Sunglasses

I finally went to see Great Gatsby yesterday! Wasn't it amazing? Toby Maguire really was the perfect Nick, and of course Leo! mmm, so much eye candy! There has been so many bad reviews about the soundtrack, but I actually really liked the contrast of 1920's jazz and today's rap. What did you think? (if you have seen it). 

I practically live in my collection of Celia Birtwell trousers from Uniqlo, so comfy and such a statement. Although I saw my best friend yesterday and she thought I was wearing pyjamas! A little addition to this outfit is the so very cute batman necklace, I received it in the post yesterday morning and had to wear it straight away, it's so cool! Indie Chic Jewellery is definitely one to check out, with something to suit everyone. They even have a giveaway to win £150 worth of jewellery! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. whaat, i lovvvved the soundtrack of the movie!

    your sunnies are FAB!

  2. Love your trousers!

  3. I'm in love with this outfit! I love your top and the print of your trousers and that bat necklace is so funky!

    Imogen <3

  4. love your trousers (they definitely don't look like pajamas haha!) your sunnies are amazing too!

    bec X

  5. Love this look!
    - Charlotte

  6. Really cool look! :) Love the t-shirt! Really IN! <3 i love your sunglasses too and you look with it so great! I look with all of sunglasses like dude -.-

    . . .
    Dreamers Clara^^

  7. I love this outfit and your hair is gorgeous (: x

  8. I thought the soundtrack was good too! A bit hit and miss in some places but I took the combination of modern rap and the 1920s setting to be a comment on excess/modern consumerism etc.. or maybe I'm looking far too deeply into it! Haha whoops. Love the sunglasses!

  9. I love the sunglasses!
    I still haven't seen the Great Gatsby - gutted cause i really wanna see it before it leaves the cinema! I do think the idea of incorporating modern music is great though!

  10. Oh, I'm obsessed with those pants! Great sunnies, too! x


  11. I appreciate your organility

  12. Ah such a perfect outfit, those pants are to die for!

  13. Great outfit and love your hair!! Lovely blog... <3
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know...:)
    Let's talk about everything

  14. Such a cute outfit, love your pants! <3

  15. Love the pattern on these trousers, they look amazing :) xx


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