Thursday, 27 June 2013

you say you will, say you will save me

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Topshop Dress (old)

Strangely I didn't realise I was wearing all Topshop until I started writing this post. I should  really make it my 'mid-years-new-years revulsion' to buy from more shops, rather than just spending all my cash on the high street. Although I do buy a lot from online retailers, I'm just lazy sometimes and think '...oh I could just get that in town' rather than waiting a week for the package to turn up. 

Hope everyone has been enjoying their week. It's been so nice here in the UK recently, although I've been ill so haven't made the most of it yet! Hopefully the sun will stay out a bit longer! The rest of the week, and the weekend will be spent packing, as I'm moving out of my uni halls on Monday, cry cry cry. I was thinking of putting together a first year at university post, for anyone who's thinking of going or even attending in September, what do you think? 

This dress is pretty old! I think it must be at least two years since it was on the rails in Topshop. I missed the chance at buying it, but managed to snap it up on ebay! The detailing is gorgeous, and makes for the perfect summer dress. 


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

sic transit gloria

Forever 21 Dress
Primark Bag

The come back of the iPhone outfit photo! To be honest it's not that bad quality. It's just a bit hectic at the moment, as I'm moving out of my uni halls next week so there's a lot going on, and sometimes it's just easier to take an outfit photo while I'm out. As well as that, I haven't been very well this week, so I've spent a lot of time in bed watching superhero films, listening to pop punk and catching up on everyone else's blogs. Hence why my blog has been a bit empty this week, but I know you all understand considering most of you run your own blogs too! 

So I'm moving out my uni room next week which is quite sad considering it's the first place I've lived without parents. But I've got a nice two months back at home in Essex, then back to uni where I'll have a much bigger room, so more space to be able to take my blog photos properly. (As well as a MASSIVE built in wardrobe which I've very excited about). I was thinking of putting together a first year at university post, for anyone who's attending this September or considering it in the future, what do you think?

As for the outfit, it was pretty much throw on and go, considering I've been ill this week, I was just happy to be outside with some fresh air. The dress is about two years old from Forever 21, and you've all seen this leather jacket before, considering it's probably the most worn item of clothing I own! You can't really see my shoes but they are the Topshop Hampi caged closed toe sandals, which are great for the hot weather, and perfect for me as they are comfy and barely show my toes (I don't really like showing toe!) Hope you are all well and good! 


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Supermarket Beauty Bargains

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Ceramic Blue and Really Rosy

Yesterday I was being a cheap skate and looking through the reduced section in Morrisons and noticed a box full of beauty products. I didn't even know they did reduced make up but apparently they do, and I picked up these gorgeous colours by Maybelline. The box was full of different Maybelline products, including lipsticks and mascaras and of course nail varnishes. I don't really understand why they were reduced, but nevertheless I got these two polishes and they are in perfect condition. They retail for over £4, and I picked them up for £2.04 each, bargain. 

Both shades are absolutely gorgeous. Ceramic Blue is a pastel blue shade, which I'm particularly happy I got my hands on. There was a lot of blog hype surrounding this polish when it first came out, and since then I've always wanted it, but for no-reason-at-all never brought it. The shade is very similar to the 2 True Shade 15, which I love the colour of but the formula isn't amazing and sometimes I find it hard to work with, so I'm extremely glad I picked this up. Really Rosy is a dark pink shade which is very elegant. I'm not one to wear classic red nail polish so this is my sort of substitute colour. Both polishes are two coats opaque and the formula is smooth and dries quickly. 

I'm really glad I picked up these two colours, and I can't believe how cheap I got them for. The reduced section in your supermarket is definitely worth a look, you might find some beauty bargains like I did! I will definitely be looking there more often! 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Elephant Print Dress

Primark Sunglasses (similar here)
Primark Bag
Office Nighthawks

How cool is this smock? I wore this outfit yesterday, and I made the biggest mistake anybody could ever make by wearing tights when it's 20+ degrees outside, oop. I spent the day walking around the city in the sun, then went to see the new Superman movie in the evening (which I didn't think was that great). I'm so in love with this dress, the elephant print is so cool, and I love the oversized fit. I did buy a size smaller than I am, so if you are thinking of buying it, I would size down because it does come up quite massive.

So, this whole GFC thing? Please remember to follow me on bloglovin because I would hate to loose any of you lovely people! I didn't particularly like bloglovin when I first started using it, but I'm getting right into it. I actually use it out of choice now! 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Collection hot looks nail polishes

Collection Hot Looks Polishes in Hidden, Lemon Soda, Hoola Hoop, BMX Bandit, Teeny Bikini and Electric Dreams - £1.99 each

I have so much love for these polishes. Collection (originally known as Collection 2000) is one of the cheaper cosmetic brands. Most of their products being under the £5 mark, so it's always worth a look to see what bargains you can pick up. Even though the products are cheap they definitely aren't bad quality. I'm always super happy with everything I've brought from them, (so far!). Collection is great for younger girls with a pocket money budget or anyone who just loves a bargain! 

The hot look polishes are my favourite products from Collection. At £1.99 they are super cheap and great quality. The photo above shows the polishes with two coats each, which leaves them opaque. The polishes are fast drying and has a wide brush, which makes the application process so much quicker. There are so many different shades to choose from, Collection have a wide variety. These polishes are just a selected few which I have brought. Some of the ones above I couldn't find online, so it's best to check in-store. Collection is held in most Superdrug and Boots stores.  

Overall, I am really happy with these polishes and I will carry on buying them. At £1.99 they are really cheap but excellent quality, with only two coats needed and fast drying. My favourite shades from this selection would be the Lemon Soda and Electric Dreams, which are both gorgeous summer shades. Which are your favourite Collection hot looks polishes?

Monday, 17 June 2013

How long should you keep your make up?

Is your make-up bag in need of a good clear out? I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to make-up, it's a shame to throw away half used mascaras and powders in my eyes, But Debenhams has recently held a survey showing that 73% of women don't check the expiry dates on their make-up, leading to health implications. I am definitely one of these women, so I thought I would put a post together as a guideline of how long products should be kept until it should hit the skip. This is such an important issue as so many women, including myself, are unaware of expiry dates on their make-up, and we don't want to put our faces at risk of harmful bacteria, do we! 

Please consider that this is a guideline, if you have any concerns check the packaging of the make-up in question. 

Mascara: maximum of four months

Foundation: keep for six months

Eye Liner: keep for one year max

Eye Shadow: one year max

Face Powders: maximum of two years

Blushers and Bronzer: maximum of two years

Lipstick: one and a half years max

Concealer: keep for eight months

I will definitely be giving my make-up collection a massive sort out. Are you guilty of being a hoarder too? Hopefully this information was beneficial to you, as much as it was to me! 


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Always and forever

Primark Oval Sunglasses

I finally went to see Great Gatsby yesterday! Wasn't it amazing? Toby Maguire really was the perfect Nick, and of course Leo! mmm, so much eye candy! There has been so many bad reviews about the soundtrack, but I actually really liked the contrast of 1920's jazz and today's rap. What did you think? (if you have seen it). 

I practically live in my collection of Celia Birtwell trousers from Uniqlo, so comfy and such a statement. Although I saw my best friend yesterday and she thought I was wearing pyjamas! A little addition to this outfit is the so very cute batman necklace, I received it in the post yesterday morning and had to wear it straight away, it's so cool! Indie Chic Jewellery is definitely one to check out, with something to suit everyone. They even have a giveaway to win £150 worth of jewellery! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Blogroll

One thing I love about blogging is discovering new blogs to read. I love reading your posts pointing out different bloggers who I don't already know about. It's great to share each others blogs, especially the ones who aren't getting the attention they deserve, as we are all in it together.

So I thought I would do something different today and share the blogs which are on my blogroll. I'm thinking of doing more posts like this, maybe favourite outfit posts, or favourite blog designs or something. I'm not 100% yet, but I do think this is a great way to showcase different bloggers who really are amazing at what they do. 

Amy at Amy-Babyface

Amy's blog consist of outfit posts, beauty reviews and a little bit of lifestyle. Her outfit posts are always so lovely and I wish I could dress like her! I also really like her photography on her blog. 

Chloe at Chloewitty

Chloewitty is filled with lovely outfit posts, and all things fashion related. She also has a beauty blog which I really like too! I love reading her Sunday round ups, as her writing style is so down to earth and she always makes me laugh. 

Katie at Daydreamkatie

Katie's blog is full of everything wonderful! Clothes, nail polish and instagram! I love Katie's style, it is so relatable. I wish I had her wardrobe, she always has the most gorgeous pieces. I can relate to her blog so much (our boyfriends even have the same name). I also love her instagram

Shannon at Raspberrykiss 

Shannon is a training beauty therapist and her blog is all things beauty related. The main reason I love her blog is that she reviews products which are affordable, and her reviews are well written and clear. 

Catherine at Ribbonsleatherandlace

Catherine has an edgy personal style, which is why I love going on her blog. I can really relate to her. She has an amazing music taste and I also really like her instagram

Laura at Styleandsushi

Laura's blog is filled with outfit posts, her style is so effortlessly cool, she literally looks amazing in whatever she wears. She's been doing her school exams and she still manages to post gorgeous outfit photos on her blog!

Nancy at Nancywilde

Nancy's blog is filled with the best bits of the internet. She does a Sunday Best post each week which is filled with images she has found online, which are always truely inspiring! She also creates themed playlists which are always worth a listen! 

Trina at Trinawears

Trina's blog is a space for her personal style, beauty and lifestyle. She's from New York so I love finding out what she's getting up to over there. I really like her style, and she also posts playlists which I love checking out! 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Loreal Paris color riche Confetti top coat + colour combinations

The confetti top coat has received a lot of blog hype over the past couple of months, and I completely understand why. It's gorgeous! The top coat is made up of little monochrome circles, which adds so much to a basic polish. The quality of the polish is excellent, and glides on smoothly separating the particles with little effort. I normally find with glitters that the particles stick together and it takes a while to spread them evenly, but this wasn't the case with this one! The top coat is quite expensive at £4.99 for a tiny 5ml bottle, but I can completely justify the price as the quality is amazing and the overall effect is really nice. 

Confetti is on offer at Superdrug for £3.99 at the moment, so be sure to check that out first before paying full price!     

Which one is your favourite combination? 


Monday, 10 June 2013

my songs know what you did in the dark

Jeans from Urban Outfitters

First outfit post with my nike blazers! I wore this last week and completely forgot to post the photos, but here they are. I really like this casual outfit, mostly because I love my trainers. The River Island open back jumper has made it's way up to one of my favourite pieces of the moment, I do wish it wasn't so see-through, but I love how slouchy and comfortable it is. 

My first year of uni is slowly coming to an end, although I finished my course what seems like forever ago, I'm not moving back home for a while. We had our summer ball this weekend which was really good, The Hoosiers and what's left of Pendulum were there, who were both great! What did you get up to this weekend? 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 16

Kate Moss' collections for Rimmel London are always superb. Whenever I buy a product with her name on it I feel as if I'm getting a high quality product, for a great price. The lipsticks retail for around £5.50, which is around the same price as any good quality drugstore lipstick. 

I was drawn to this rosy pink shade, which is from the Kate spring lipstick collection. I am so in love with the colour! I normally go for more naturally nude shades, but I thought I would give this ago. It really enhances the natural shade of your lips into a soft rosy pink, which I really love. 

I reviewed the Kate Moss lipstick in #03 a while ago, and although I do really like the shade, I found the formula quite drying, which a lot of you agreed with. Thankfully, #16 is not like this! It's very creamy and slides onto the lips easily, without leaving them feeling dry! The lipstick is also very lasting, staying on for around three to four hours before needing a touch up. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with this lipstick! I've been using it mostly for nights out, and occasionally in the day if I'm feeling particularly diva-ish. The shade is gorgeous, and I especially think it works well with lighter skin tones like mine. I'm also so happy that the formula is creamy and non drying! Have you used any of the Kate lipsticks? If so, what is your favourite shade? 
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