Thursday, 2 May 2013

With you I stellify

 H&M Denim Jacket
Primark Crop Top
Forever 21 Bag
Office Nighthawks (similar here)

It's been a busy week, so many essays to write! But after Thursday my first year of uni will be pretty much over, and I can actually sleep again and not have to worry about assignments until September! 

Today has been spent doing work in the library, as well as hanging out with my boyfriend. I thought I would bring out the old denim jacket considering I haven't worn it since last summer, I forgot how much I liked it! 

Tonight I will be heading into town for student shopping night. I would be more excited but I know the queues will be endless, and people everywhere! But still, 20% off Topshop, peeeerfect! Plus, Pizza Hut are meant to be giving away free pizza! (I'm actually quite excited now). 



  1. Love the outfit, I really want a denim jacket for summer! xx

  2. I love Ian Brown! :) You look awesomely cool, girl!

  3. cute outfit :) x

  4. love the shorts

  5. i love everything about this look! especially the shoes and the denim jacket in combination with the shirt and the beanie! just fabulous! i really like your blog. i am your latest follower now! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)


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