Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sweet sweet fantasy

The nice weather is finally back! I'm celebrating by wearing my light summery clothing I've been waiting FOREVER to wear. First of all, I brought this River Island jumper a few days ago and I was so indecisive because I really hate how shear it is. There is no way I could get away with not wearing a vest top underneath, even with a skin coloured bra it looked weird. But I just had to buy it because I love the open back, it's so unusual and cute. Plus the slouchy style really fits in with the sports luxe trend I'm loving at the mo. It's a shame a vest top is needed underneath, it would look so cool showing some skin. 

Secondly, these trousers! I love them. I brought them quite a while ago but have been waiting for a lovely summery day to wear them. They are from the Celia Birtwell collection in Uniqlo, where there are loads of basic pieces in all different gorgeous prints. I love the fit of these trousers, they are easy to wear and very well made. Also, they are only £12.90! Normally printed trousers are always over the £20+ mark. I actually went to Bluewater yesterday and brought two more pairs in different prints. 



  1. I love the trousers! X

  2. I love those trousers, can't believe the price, total bargain! x


    1. I couldn't believe the price either, sooo cheap!

  3. I love the light colours in this outfit! The jumper is gorgeous xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  4. I love the trousers! Can't believe the price, they seem like something you would get from Topshop!
    - Charlotte
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  5. love the boots and frilly socks combination - so darn cute! xxx

  6. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love those trousers - and for £12.90?! Wow.

    You have a new follower! x

  7. You look so lovely! I really love the style of the jumper, it's so different to anything i've seen recently - I might have to invest! I've tagged you in my latest blog post by the way, hope you can take part! :)

  8. aww! i love patterns trousers, and with that top you look so lovely. The back is really cool. I actually bought frilly socks from Topshop today. :)New follower aswell hun

  9. Love this outfit! Pretttty :)

  10. You look major cute, those trousers are lovely xx

  11. love love the trousers! :D

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