Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pretty pastel polishes for spring

Recently, all I've been buying is pastel coloured nail polishes, I really like the cute neutral look, especially for spring. Here are a few of my recently buys as well as some much loved classics. Don't forget to tell me what your favourites are! 

Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate in New Romantic - £4.49: Kate Moss' collections for Rimmel always impress me, I love her lipsticks and now these polishes. I have Britpop (which I reviewed here) and loved! What impressed me the most is that it didn't chip for five days, which is a record for me as they normally chip within the first few days of wear. So, I headed to boots to buy more, and this shade really caught my eye. 

Essie Mint Candy Apple - £7.99: You've all heard about mint candy apple! It's the most gorgeous mint green and should be in everyone's spring collections. Essie does have quite a high price tag, but they really are good quality, and only two coats to be opaque. 

Models Own Utopia - £5: This polish is definitely the most worn in my collection. It's a lovely diffused lilac, and it's also great for laying glitters over it. For £5, these are good quality, although I do wish Models Own would make their brushes thicker! 

Essie Fiji - £7.99: I've been wearing this polish so much recently so I had to include it! It's very much like Models Own Utopia, but rather than a diffused lilac, in pink! It's very cute. I'm wearing it today with the Loreal Paris Confetti topcoat. 

Topshop Peel Off Nails in Straight Laced - £5: I reviewed this polish a few days ago here, and I'm really not overly pleased with it, but I do LOVE the colour. It reminds me of a elephant grey, which is so cute. It's a shame the formula isn't very good quality. 

2 True in Shade 15 - £1.99: I gave a mini review of this polish here, and I really like it for the £1.99 price mark. The shade is really lovely, and it looks a lot nicer on the nails than my colour wheel. Definitely worth picking up. I brought three of collection, but this is the only one I really love. 

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