Monday, 27 May 2013

Nike Blazers

 Office Nike Blazers - £44.99

If you read my last outfit post you'll know I recently brought a pair of Nike Blazers. They were so popular last year, and if you had a pair I would have been so envious of you! I literally wanted a pair so much, I use to always go into Office to tease myself and see if I could justify paying £70 for them. 

So the other day I went into Office and saw they were doing £25 off a selection of their Blazers, I literally hunted for any colour they had in a size 3 (yes I have tiny feet). Luckily they had my size in these ones which were my favourite of the selection. I just think these are much more wearable than those brightly coloured ones. Although I do really like these bright blue ones which are on sale. Weirdly, the ones I brought aren't on sale on the website, so definitely check in-store if you're interested. 

I'm so happy I finally brought a pair. The vintage style of them is so cool, and for some reason they remind me of being an american boy in 'gym class' in a 80's teen movie or something, haha I have no idea. I'm not really a big trainers person, but I'm really into the sports luxe trend recently (which is crazy because I hate sport), so these will deffo add to this trend. They will look so cool with a beanie. 

What do you think of Nike Blazers and the sports luxe trend? 



  1. These are so cool! Like you I loved them last year, i adore the retro high top style!

    Imogen <3

  2. I keep convincing myself I don't need any blazers but I think I might end up caving, I love these ones! Xx

  3. I've wanted a pair for ages too! These are a lovely colour combination. :)

  4. I really want a pair of blazers! My sister has a similar pair and also one in blue and i am so jealous of them

    katy xxx

  5. Love them- I like the suede ones the best! xx

  6. Not even joking these are the ones I want!! lucky you have £25 off. I will splash out on a pair soon, prob when I go visit my sister and go to Lakeside.

    1. You definitely should! Definitely worth the money with the £25 off. I love Lakeside haha


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